Jacob Butler (Shakey) is a young, self-taught artist based in Fremantle. Jacob works in many mediums including oil, acrylics, pastel and aerosol.

Jacob’s essential tremor that existed from birth got him branded ‘Shakey’, giving him his unique, free-flowing, intuitive style.

Jacob’s art career began on the wharf in 2013, where he experimented using paint and color for the first time whilst decorating his workmate’s hard-hats. The demand for Jacob’s artwork grew fast as well as his passion and drive to become a real artist. Since becoming a full-time artist three years later, he has been commissioned for private and corporate murals, display home pieces, portraits and more. He has been invited to paint live in front of large audiences for private concerts, gala balls, weddings and large charity events, with his paintings yielding very successful results due to the raw energy put into his work whilst under pressure. Jacob’s passion and energy for art is contagious, his mission is not only to be the best artist that he can be, but also to inspire others to get painting. This was recently recognized within his nomination for a Disability Support Award, due to his successful art workshops catered for those living with disabilities. His story was covered by the West Australian, Radio and a recent award winning short film titled: Shakey’s Story.

He recently ran his first, very successful co-exhibition in West Perth in December. He is currently spending most of his time performing live wedding art in and around Australia. Between commissions he also continues his art works shops for people with disabilities and working towards his second exhibition.

You can also find his story on Today Tonight.

SHAKEY Art By Jacob Butler

 Photography by Matsu Photography

Photography by Matsu Photography